Saturday, April 4, 2009


My Room, My Home, Pincian, Capitol; Personal Computer
Date: X/XX/XX
Subject: The Geography of the Nation of Capitol
Password Protected: Yes

The Nation of Capitol is divided into seven areas, reminiscent of the seven hills of Rome several history books ago. The central city is Capitoline, where Obermateriel or the City Proper is separated from Elendsveirtel or the Slums by The Gray Area. The Gray Area has been my home for the past few terms; it has been the pick up point of investigation assignments several times as well.

Esquiline in the north is home of Hellespoint, the mouth of the Agapes River and the port of Felherline. Caelian in the East is a vast valley, home of the second Plasma Reactore and walled by the Shera mountain range. In the south, Viminal lies, home of the nation's dumping and waste grounds and the city of Flussifer. To the west lie the backwater regions of Quirinal, Vatican, Pincian, and Palatine. Aventine, second in importance to Captioline, lies in the north east; it is the home of the first Plasma Reactore and the food basin of the nation Reishcale.

I grew up in Pincian, the most insignificant region of this nation. After passing into the University of Capitoline, I moved to Capitol City, blended in and became a nobody. The year before my White internship, I found Zeimlich, who somehow managed to bring out the dangerous side of a country-grown nobody in a matter of months, only to reveal to me that I was being tested for training under the Ottoman Turks. After experiencing failure day in and day out, I sought this a chance to create something out of nothing. It may be possible.

But I shall save that story for another entry.

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