Monday, March 30, 2009


University Grounds, Maroon Dormitories, MD149, Personal Computer
Date: X/XX/XX
Subject: I am Irked
Password Protected: Yes

Maroons are obliged to rate their instructors from best to least at the end of every term. Most of my class regret giving such high marks to our hardware anatomy instructor, as adorable as this young blood may be... only a few years older than ourselves. As to why, the time in the past few weeks I have spent or rather poured on H.A. may shakily be brought to waste as the removal exam for the dishonorable half-wits of our H.A. class is tomorrow afternoon.

Had the exam been scheduled for next week and had our grades been prepared by this morning, I would not be so irked but NO. Stonewall had to just delay our marks! And now I have to rehash the entire laboratory manual. That won't be very difficult, but considering I have a fifty-point three-paragraph essay to take care of and another exam, AND the Turk FINAL field exam, I may as well throw myself against the wall.

The Whites in Stonewall's class were very persistent, and I even pity those who stayed until late in the day on campus. Several of us went to the point of acquiring the instructor's contact details, but to no avail. He simply refuses to answer.

And here I am, quivering over uncertainty as to whether or not I'll be taking the load tomorrow. As though I don't have enough field assignments with the Ottoman Turks to deal with. The shuriken in my pocket are quivering as well; they want to create scars in the cubicle wall.

I've been in touch with all the H.A. students and the N-Unit Turks all afternoon and as much as I enjoy being of help, I remain irked for not being as well-informed as I should. Zeimlich advised me to keep calm and to stop whining; a letter from home said the same thing. What's the world gone to these days?

Saturday, March 28, 2009


University Grounds, Maroon Dormitories, MD149, Personal Computer
Date: X/XX/XX
Subject: Barely scraping my performance
Password Protected: Yes

Once again, I have managed to barely get myself out of an operation alive. Had Z and the rest of C-17 Unit not been there, I may not be here typing my musings of the last assignment. As such, my squadron commander has not exempted me from the final assignment because of my carelessness.

Three days from now, I decide my fate as to whether I pass into advanced field training, into the ranking of Illusionist. But, I must pass, or else I get left behind by the other agents for two months, or until I qualify into their ranks- the Assassins, followed by the Espionage Clandestines, and then finally, the Death Squadron . So much for getting accelerated, talk about getting demoted. And if I get demoted, years of planning Operation Exe on President Vorsitzende's Government will be put to waste.

So, not only do I have a practical Operation to prepare for, I also have a written examination on the morning of the same day. Maroon life is tough.

Regarding the Maroons, although I am registered as a student of the University, I am still unsure as to whether I am really a Maroon or not. Maroons are what we call all students of the University, and we can be divided in different ways. Generally, Maroons are divided by their courses; I am one of the students of medicine. Castor and Pollux belong to the department of psychology; Welsche is a student of the physical and life sciences department.

And then, Maroons can be divided according to which corner of the Gray Area the University Grounds are in they belong to. I am a White, I belong to White Corner, near our haven at Capitoline Hospital. The Fraternities own the North Triangle and a Quadrangle in the center of the Grounds. The Organs own the West Circle, where they have access to all Government facilities and buildings and such. They are very well informed of issues and the undercover stories of assassinations, bombings, and operations in and around the City. I'm fortunate to be acquainted with a the tycoon engineer Kino Takai, an Organ insider. The Opfergabe, lead by Professor Krieg, resides in the East Pavilion of the Gray area, nearest to the Slums. I respect their small, seemingly unaccounted for group, very much.

Where we are all different, we value cultural relativity and respect for difference within and outside the Gray Area. This is how we keep peace among our kind.

A true Maroon is not only a student of the University, but also a person who upholds both Honor and Excellence. I am struggling with both characteristics, as one can plainly see from my latest fiasco. I'm barely scraping my majors as much as I try. Until I can carry both, I'm just an Ottoman Turk, living in the shadows of my division, a mere Scout.


University Grounds, Division of Life Sciences, PC Unit No. 32
Date: X/XX/XX
Subject: Outward Insecurities are for the Impertinent and Immature, so Help me Gaea
Password Protected: Yes

As much as this Turk Intern does not wish to admit it, there are instances when I do become jealous, or yet, even envious of my other colleagues. For instance, the top-notching White a year older than myself is excelling greatly in all our assignments, whether it be on the job inside the Gray Area Hospital or in the field, defending idealist principles or revolutionizing the scientific stand on matters by developing a new idea. The other, a fellow double-agent, is my mentor at Turk HQ and in the University library. When I surpass Agent Z, then I will be satisfied with my performance.

Welsche Bidansi and Xanther Zeimlich are virtually performing well. They have their admirable unfailing spirits and impeccable characters to thank, as well as unsurpassable marks in the national exams. When I will be able to perform as well as they do, I do not know exactly, but I am preparing for the assignments ahead.

In times of doubting my own capabilities, I am inclined to count those things the Supreme Being has granted this ungrateful human. Enhanced with plasmic injections, both Turks and Maroons have privileges to account for. I have descent subsidence from a Government I would like to blow up. I have family far from the city where they can't be harmed by my espionage work, but with whom I still maintain contact with. Not only am I in line with one of the well-off citizens of Capitoline, I am also one of the most spoiled.

I realized this just now when Zeimlich tackled a defense on the subject concerned in Planet Life, unfailingly, flawlessly and awesomely. He did it with a smile all through out. He is one of the most under-subsidized in the Gray Area, yet he excells the most in any area he is placed in. Like the heroes of Midgar several history books ago, I liken him to the SOLDIER Fair, who smiled until his death, or so the legend says. Not that I would want my mentor to end his days grimacing, but I set his character as an example, as a key which I must copy.

There and then, Zeimlich asked me what I learned from example and as I started to speak, he hushed me quickly. Faster than a swift katana at a moving target. And told me to listen to the instructor's instructions. I hid my shade of amaranth red.

I opted to listen in the silence of my mind and came up with all of this, a healthier, sounder, clearer atmosphere. I realized that I had much to learn on both sides of Day and that if I were destined to be anything but a mediocre citizen, I might as well stop listening to those who knew better than me and start chucking Jihuan knives at everything I see. I was trained to do all that, and I realized my envy came out of lack of self-control. I intend to fix that starting now.

And that moment ended all doubts I had in myself.

As of now, I have an assignment in Viriminal Hill. The details are of course more classified than my rantings on Capitol life. My endless rantings and complaints on Turk and White Life. Today it will be Operation Recollect and Vaporize. Mercury spill in Capitol River. End of story, period, no questions asked.


University Grounds, the Division of Physical Sciences, PC Unit No. 3
Date: X/XX/XX
Subject: Investigation Division of the Department of General Affairs, I have yet to enter
Password protected: Yes

As a student of the University standing in the Gray Area of the city of Capitoline, I, like many of my colleagues, mentors, and peers, lead a double life. I am a student by day, and a Turk by night. Trained to stealth and remain alert with the least bit amount of sleep, a sleuth of the Government and a spy for the Whites and the Fraternity, I am viable for the lives of my fellow Turks. With a single command, the few double agents who walk in and out of Capitol Palace and the Gray Area could level streets, call for assassinations, or even, my personal favorite, create Neigh Block Explosions.

The Turks are as dangerous as they come, surpassed only by the Whites in the general perspective of the society I commence my operations in. By day, I am a White, one of the bottom-ranking of my group; we are called Whites because that is what we are dressed as, in all white, from head to shoe. Bookish, practical, and the most burned out and hardworking scholars in the University, the Whites generally exclude me as genuine. And by night, I am a Turk, dressed in the prescribed black suit and armed with confiscated yet useful tools the Government picked up during the War in the South. As a Turk, I am free to put all the things I've learned in the laboratories and training grounds to good use.

But enough bragging on how much I crave to create a Neigh Block Explosion in Capitol Palace and how the Army continues to compete with my semi-Allies the Elite Unit of the armed forces the Visigoths , I am still an Intern on both sides. And before I can command any operations of my own, gallons of tears and blood have to be shed before I pass into the professional ranks. I am a mere Scout. I have yet to enter the Investigation Division of the Department of General Affairs as a full-pledged Agent, headed none other by the overall Squadron Commander.

One day, I will posses my own name plate on both sides of day. One will be pinned over a white suit, spelling my name out in full, describing the division of medical training I work in. The other will have just my Turk Initial, whether it will be A or K, or K-1293, I have yet to find out.