Saturday, March 28, 2009


University Grounds, the Division of Physical Sciences, PC Unit No. 3
Date: X/XX/XX
Subject: Investigation Division of the Department of General Affairs, I have yet to enter
Password protected: Yes

As a student of the University standing in the Gray Area of the city of Capitoline, I, like many of my colleagues, mentors, and peers, lead a double life. I am a student by day, and a Turk by night. Trained to stealth and remain alert with the least bit amount of sleep, a sleuth of the Government and a spy for the Whites and the Fraternity, I am viable for the lives of my fellow Turks. With a single command, the few double agents who walk in and out of Capitol Palace and the Gray Area could level streets, call for assassinations, or even, my personal favorite, create Neigh Block Explosions.

The Turks are as dangerous as they come, surpassed only by the Whites in the general perspective of the society I commence my operations in. By day, I am a White, one of the bottom-ranking of my group; we are called Whites because that is what we are dressed as, in all white, from head to shoe. Bookish, practical, and the most burned out and hardworking scholars in the University, the Whites generally exclude me as genuine. And by night, I am a Turk, dressed in the prescribed black suit and armed with confiscated yet useful tools the Government picked up during the War in the South. As a Turk, I am free to put all the things I've learned in the laboratories and training grounds to good use.

But enough bragging on how much I crave to create a Neigh Block Explosion in Capitol Palace and how the Army continues to compete with my semi-Allies the Elite Unit of the armed forces the Visigoths , I am still an Intern on both sides. And before I can command any operations of my own, gallons of tears and blood have to be shed before I pass into the professional ranks. I am a mere Scout. I have yet to enter the Investigation Division of the Department of General Affairs as a full-pledged Agent, headed none other by the overall Squadron Commander.

One day, I will posses my own name plate on both sides of day. One will be pinned over a white suit, spelling my name out in full, describing the division of medical training I work in. The other will have just my Turk Initial, whether it will be A or K, or K-1293, I have yet to find out.

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