Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kailangan ko lang ilabas ang negative vibes na nag-accumulate sa loob ng aking Thoracic cavity

Let's get this straight. I just wasted the past twenty minutes on my cellphone.

We shall call the unknown individual at the other end of the line 'woodchuck'

anonymous texter: Busy??

Me (Amaranth): Who is this please?

anonymous texter:

Amaranth(because the name is that of my fellow mkule staff, I reply): Is this from the mkule?

woodchuck: Huh?? watz mkule?? wt b name mu?? (sends this message five times)


fifth beep

Amaranth(PISSED OFF because the senses say that this is not an intelligent person): The mkule or the Manila Collegian is... of the University of the Philippines Manila. As you are not my fellow staff member, I cannot disclose my name. DELETE MY NUMBER FROM YOUR HANDSET.

woodchuck: Huh?? sORry to say ds, but ur txt is masungit talaga. Wats ur name b?

Amaranth: Boy, are you stupid. I just said, "I cannot disclose my name."

woodchuck sends the previous message about ten more times.

Amaranth : I don't care. It's the TRUTH. At least I'm not wasting my parents' money on load texting nonsense and not trying to not study and contribute to creating an intellectual society. Try it, it makes a person feel purposeful and full of worth.

woodchuck: sory. im 2 rich to try.

Amaranth<REALLY PISSED OFF. I ONLY RESERVE THE FOLLOWING LINES FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE STUPID REALLY PISS ME OFF IN THAT MANNER. YOURE RICH, EI? SO WHAT?>: I was born and raised in the united states for seven years and I choose to study here, now. Because of that and because I am under bracket a, an additional 300 dollars is added to my already tofi-ed tution fee, which is more or less 40k. Yet I am attempting to be a purposeful person.

OK. I KNOW THAT MY LAST MESSAGE CAN CAN CAN CAN BE DEBUNKED AT A LOT OF ANGLES, BUT woodchuck, a person with that level of intellectual incompetence, cannot.

I didn't recieve a reply after that.


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